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Kubernetes environments are complex, and require significant expertise to operate in production. Companies that have either built their own DevOps platforms with Kubernetes or are using one provided by a vendor, realize that a one-size fits all approach may not be fulfilling their requirements, or may have deficiencies that their architect or Ops team identify.

In such cases companies may feel that the platform does not provide a justifiable return on their investment. Companies therefore rely on experienced Kubernetes and DevOps architects for taking all factors and requirements into consideration to harden the platform for their DevOps needs.

Stakater offers an assessment of the Kubernetes platform implementation against criteria for well-architected, secure, production-grade and other concerns.
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  1. Container Platform Scorecard
  2. Assessment Reports
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Why it makes sense for companies

Get your platform assessed against the Stakater Well-architected Container platform Framework
Recognize shortcomings in your platform architecture.
Identify opportunities for reducing platform related cost.
Achieve a secure and well-architected Kubernetes platform.
Determine improvement areas for more streamlined DevOps.
Leap ahead of your competitors
The Well Architected Container Platform (WACP) is a framework of best practices developed by Stakater, based on years of industry experience
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What you get
Container Platform Scorecard
Container Platform Scorecard
The scorecard provides a bird's eye view, and executive summary of the current status of the container platform and highlights the areas where it is lacking in production-readiness
Assessment Reports
Assessment Reports
The assessment reports cover the container platform on various factors and a multitude of fine grained sub-factors to develop a detailed status of the existing container platform implementation against the best practices for running a secure and production-grade platform. These reports give a clear picture of what needs to be done to bring the platform up to par.
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