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The Well Architected Container Platform (WACP) is a framework of best practices based on years of experience
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At Stakater we have experience architecting solutions across a range of industries and use cases. From this experience, we have identified best practices and strategies for architecting a DevOps platforms for organizations. We use these architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective container platforms for DevOps teams.

With the WACP framework we have established a consistent approach to evaluating platforms against the qualities that are required for modern DevOps processes and systems. Having a well-architected platform greatly contributes to business success.

The Stakater Well-Architected Container Platform Framework is based on the following seven components.
Operational Excellence
The processes and tools required to be able to perform day to day operations in order to deliver business value.
Application Lifecycle Management
The processes and practices used to develop, deploy and manage business applications on the platform while keeping them scalable, reliable and secure.
The capability to have maximum uptime and to recover from service disruptions or any unforeseeable circumstances.
Cost Efficiency
The ability of the platform to support the business and provide all required capabilities while minimizing the cost.
Cluster Architecture & Management
The procedure of setting up the cluster and infrastructure using best practices, and the process of managing them efficiently while utilizing to full extent.
The ability of the platform to protect information, systems & assets and defend against potential attacks or vulnerabilities.
The ability to capture all logs and events and present them in a comprehensive manner in real time in order to understand the business and the system and make informed decisions.
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