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“The Kubernetes Ninjas at Stakater have a deep understanding of container platforms as well as cloud-native and microservices based applications. Their experience has been invaluable in our implementation of the Openshift container platform, and their focus on DevOps automation through the use of their open source tools has been integral to streamlining our DevOps processes.”

Håkan Fahlén

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Business Challenge

To introduce a future-proof Hybrid/Multi Cloud Strategy along with autoscaling to keep costs optimized. ATG also required top-of-the-shelf Security, Logging and Monitoring capabilities among others from the CNCF landscape.

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Why Stakater?


High Availability at Enterprise scale


Familiarity with Stakater Reloader and Open
Source community


Stakater R&D Team


Upskilling capabilities

Solution & Services offered

ATG is a seasonal business by nature, thus, it required autoscaling to increase capacity on demand whilst keeping costs low. ATG was able to introduce and implement a Multi Cloud Strategy by using bare metal, VMWare Virtualization and Cloud Bursting.

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Technology stack / Platform

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