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Streamline OpenShift Cluster Collaboration Across Tenants

Coordinating clusters across diverse teams and applications can be challenging. The Multi Tenant Operator simplifies this for cluster owners, offering a multi-tenancy layer with intelligent access management on any OpenShift cluster.

Smart Management of OpenShift Clusters Across Tenants

We have seen many teams grappling with the primitives to achieve multi-tenancy in OpenShift Clusters, so we came up with the idea of Multi Tenant Operator. It brings single-point visibility of teams, members, and workloads to the cluster owners or administrators.

With Multi Tenant Operator, you can:

  • Share an OpenShift cluster with multiple tenants

  • Share managed applications with multiple tenants

  • Configure and manage tenants and their sandboxes

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Certification Standards
Runs on OpenShift
Certified operators & images
Fully containerized
Continuous vulnerability scans
Collaborative support
Basic install


Maximize efficiency and collaboration with the Multi Tenant Operator 

Optimize your costs and resources

Plug and play. No additional configuration or layers

Share a cluster across teams, groups, or departments and save operational efforts

GitOps ready


Self-Service Namespaces: Manage namespaces, isolate at team or user level, create sandboxed dev namespaces with ease

Configure RBAC with a "least privilege" mindset and keep all rules up-to-date with zero manual effort

Define policies to Self-manage namespaces, quotas, resources, groups, and Limit Ranges

Use templating for predefined templates, define and distribute custom templates and use them on individual namespaces or across tenant-level namespaces.

Deploy With Ease

Follow the steps from one of the multiple deployment options available on Operator Hub

Web Application Demo

MTO Console is aimed at providing a more intuitive and user-friendly way for administrators and tenant users to manage tenants and their resources 

Ready to Get Started?

Choose a license that suits your needs. Licenses are per cluster.



Save 10%



For teams willing to run a basic proof of concept on up to two tenants







Unlimited tenants

Enterprise support


For large teams to run on their working environments including prod


per month, per cluster






Unlimited tenants

Enterprise support

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