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Partner up with Stakater to build the Highway to Kubernetes together

We are Here for You!

Partner up with Stakater

Stakater has the most active Kubernetes open-source community in the Nordics. Regardless of whether you have previous experience with us, thanks to our exclusive Partner program, you can become a part of our success story!

Apply now to find out how we can work to complement each other

Partner Benefits

Business Performance

You will get a dedicated Partner Manager to ensure we meet your business needs. We are in it to succeed together!

Highway to Kubernetes

We are proud to offer the most reliable and secure Kubernetes platform on the market.


Our partnership is based on win-win mentality. Stakater only creates partnerships when there is a clear return on investment for both partners.


Stakater listens to our partner’s ideas and suggestions, to create events, co-marketing, and training sessions together.

Who we partner with

Stakater strives to partner with businesses that :

Strive for a win-win situation where both partners gain from the partnership

Data centers should ideally support VMware or OpenStack

Solution Provider

Are you building technology or creating solutions that integrate with or run in the cloud? We will help you provide a solid customer experience for your clients and support your tech team in developing the perfect journey for your business. Let’s do co-marketing together and start gaining more and more clients!

Service Provider

Every service needs wizards to manage the infrastructure. Let’s partner up to offer something magical! Forget worrying about the server hardware and focus on what matters. We’ll help you with sales, marketing, and even migrations to make your customers happy.


As a reseller, you will sit in the captain’s chair and own the customers. Utilise our infrastructure to provide your cloud servers and build your business on superior technology. We know that you value a reliable environment with outstanding performance and will make sure that you are taken care of in all matters.

Existing partners

Technology Partners


Cloud Partners


Partnership Guide

Please see this guide if you would like to become a Cloud partner.

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