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OpenShift as a Service

Reduce Maintenance Overhead and Improve Efficiency with Stakater's Proven Expertise in Managed OpenShift Solutions

Get Vital Expertise into Your Team


Operational and Maintenance Support

Flexible Maintenancetime periods

Responsibility for Operational efforts

Customer Stories

We are proud of the positive impact we have had on a wide range of customers and partners. Some quotes from our engagements

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The Kubernetes Ninjas at Stakater have a deep understanding of container platforms as well as cloud-native and microservices-based applications. Their experience.

Håkan Fahlén

IT Core Infrastructure Manager

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We’re using the App Agility Platform to convert applications to microservices.

As a result, we’re consistently getting to market 80% faster with 60% reduced total cost of ownership.

Eero Arvonen

Container Platform Owner

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Stakater and Red Hat have a shared passion for making open-source technology available for the enterprise.

Oskar Palmblad

Senior Partner Manager

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