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Cloud Partner - Elastx

Elastx is one of our reliable partners providing cloud services in Sweden. Elastx has crafted its platform with a primary focus on managing business-critical applications.


Empower your company by leveraging Elastx's technical expertise and over a decade of experience in critical business operations to navigate even the most demanding applications. The Elastx Cloud Platform spans three geographically separated data centers in Sweden, offering the potential for high availability and disaster protection for your data. Elastx has been ISO 27001 certified since 2015 and is currently certified for 27017, 27018, and 14001.


Infrastructure as a service with OpenStack


Container as a service - manage your Kubernetes


Platform as a service - get started instantly with Virtuozzo


VPN, Connect & Exchange - get the tools for your hybrid cloud solution


Secure your cloud with DDoS protection, Threat intelligence & WAF


Monitor your application, bring your own hardware, mail relay & more

"Elastx has fantastic customer service and support! It's reassuring to know that we always receive prompt and competent assistance when needed."

 - Ove Klintman
Founder of TYRA

Elastx Cloud Platform

Experience unparalleled reliability and disaster protection with our three strategically located Availability Zones (AZ). Our commitment to security is evident through encrypted storage, Threat Protection, and DDoS protection.

Whether you're leveraging OpenStack IaaS or Kubernetes CaaS for AI-powered applications, we offer GPU support. Explore a technologically robust environment that combines scalability, security and advanced AI capabilities.

Test Account

Let us know if you'd like a test account and we'll be happy to connect you to the Elastx team

Get in Touch with Elastx

Katarinavägen 15

116 45 Stockholm

+46-855 772 810

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