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Business Challenge

Husbanken wanted to migrate legacy applications and integrations to a containerized cloud platform as part of a modernization of its traditional backend systems. This platform needed to be cloud-ready and flexible to support quick deployments in response to new business opportunities.

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Why Stakater?


High Availability at Enterprise scale


Familiarity with Stakater Reloader and Open
Source community


Stakater R&D Team


Upskilling capabilities

Solution & Services offered

Husbanken engaged Red Hat who subcontracted Stakater to migrate to Temenos Transact with DES, TDH, and FCM modules. Stakater deployed Kafka, Istio, ActiveMQ for event handling. Backup and restore was implemented with Kasten. Local development was streamlined with Tilt. CI/CD was done with Tekton and ArgoCD.

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Technology stack / Platform

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