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"Stakater's expert team navigated our Openshift challenges seamlessly, optimizing our infrastructure and accelerating application deployment. Their invaluable day-to-day support and industry-leading guidance not only enhanced security and collaboration but also improved our time-to-market. Stakater's partnership is a catalyst for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, setting new standards for efficiency in telecom services."

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Business Challenge

The customer, a prominent telecom company in Pakistan, faced substantial challenges in managing their OpenShift and OpenStack clusters. These clusters were crucial for hosting third-party vendor applications responsible for charging and other telecommunications-related functions. The organization identified critical issues in application onboarding, knowledge gaps, and deficiencies in GitOps implementation. Consequently, they sought the expertise of an OpenShift platform engineer to collaboratively address these challenges.

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Why Stakater?


High Availability at Enterprise scale


Familiarity with Stakater Reloader and Open
Source community


Stakater R&D Team


Upskilling capabilities

Solution & Services offered

To address this challenge, Stakater proposed a hybrid team model comprising both remote and onsite resources, ensuring continuous availability and optimal solutions. Our team provided comprehensive day-to-day operational support, assisting in application deployments, and crafting detailed guides to streamline processes and empowering the teams.

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Technology stack / Platform

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