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Cloud-Native Platform Engineering for Decision Makers

22 February 2023 *

David Bagares gata 26A, 111 38, Stockholm



Reduce the total cost of cloud ownership through a fully managed Kubernetes platform. Learn about improving developer productivity by building an effective platform leveraging open-source and cloud-native technologies, highlighting secrets management, efficient disaster recovery, and failover, automatic database scalability, and replication.







Effective secret management strategies on Kubernetes & OpenShift
Efficient disaster recovery and failover on Kubernetes

Automatic database scalability and replication on Kubernetes

Session Overview

Automatic database scalability and replication on Kubernetes

We will explain the secrets of easy and cost-effective ways to use Stakater DBaaS powered by Couchbase and scale without performance limitations. We will also show a quick demo of how it looks and feels. You will get the best of on-prem and cloud without any complexity to get started.

Efficient disaster recovery and failover on Kubernetes

We will be looking at Data on Kubernetes and how it drives innovative business forward. We’ll learn how to de-risk Kubernetes by maximizing availability, and recovering when disasters happen (from Ransomware to site failures). Then we’ll look at how to give your teams Enterprise Data Services anywhere, in any cluster, on any platform.

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About Speakers

Rasheed Amir
Rasheed is the CEO at Stakater, a Kubernetes enablement company. Rasheed has been a Kubernetes and OpenShift aficionado in Stockholm since the early days of these technologies coming to market and has been speaking across the city.


Joakim Karlsson

Joakim is head of Nordics at Couchbase and has previously served in technical roles at various companies including 9 years at Microsoft.


Anthony Hodson

Anthony is a Cloud Native Architect for Portworx. He’s spent his career in various roles from software delivery in Fintech, to managed services for enterprises. He has architected for Hyperscale Cloud and helped customers digitally transform with DevOps practices and software.


Karl Johan Grahn
Karl Johan is the Engineering Manager at Stakater and leads the engineering teams across multiple products and customer initiatives. He is passionate about delivering cutting-edge DevSecOps products and services and has a keen eye for quality and automation.


Registrations Closed

This event has already taken place on the 22nd of February 2023.

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