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Stakater Events

At Stakater, we host events to give back to the community and share the lessons learned working on the cutting edge. Our events include webinars and hands-on workshops that our experts and partners lead to help the attendees gain essential experience in crucial topics

Upcoming Events

AI and Data Processing

During this session our team will present on AI & Data / Data Legislation Changes


Past Events

Past Events

OREDEV Developer Conference

Join us to contemplate this unique opportunity to rethink our impact on the world. Let's delve into endings and new beginnings, daring to bid farewell to what no longer serves us. Embrace the evolution, welcome transitions, and be part of a community with the courage to forge ahead.

8-10 November 2023

500+ attendees

RedHat Open Tour 2023

Come join us in a lively conversation on DevOps methodologies, the exciting world of Kubernetes, Openshift, and more


500+ attendees

Purestorage x Stakater on Disaster Recovery and Backups

Stakater’s co-founder Rasheed Amir will Discuss Stakater ’s journey with our clients to put State to use in Kubernetes, discussing challenges like Backup, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery


Held by Stakater in association with Purestorage

26 attendees

Best Practices for Multitenancy in Kubernetes

We'll go in depth about Kubernetes multi-tenancy during this webinar. We will cover its use cases, obstacles, and recommendations. Discover various models and how to configure security features to meet specific requirements, avoiding the need for separate clusters.


Held by Stakater

15 attendees

Cloud-native platform engineering

Reduce the total cost of cloud ownership through a fully managed Kubernetes platform. Improve developer productivity by building an effective platform leveraging open-source and cloud-native technologies


Held by Stakater in association with Pure Storage and Couchbase

12 attendees

Webinar - Local Development on K8S

Build an effective local development experience on Kubernetes and OpenShift. Improve developer productivity and throughput by enabling your team to improve their development inner-loop


Held by Stakater in association with RedHat.

40 attendees

Zero to Production with Tekton, Helm, ArgoCD, and Kubernetes

Join us on a transformative journey from zero to production as we delve into the world of deployment with Tekton, Helm, ArgoCD, and Kubernetes. In this session, we'll explore dynamic environments on pull requests, the Helm leader chart approach, GitOps repository structures, and security-first DevSecOps practices.


Hosted by JForum meetup

66 attendees

Kubernetes Operator Local Development with Tilt

Join us in a lively conversation on Kubernetes Operator Local Development as we walk you through the whole process


Held by Stakater

10 attendees

Mastering Kubernetes Continuous Delivery with Helm, Tekton, and ArgoCD

Mastering Kubernetes Continuous Delivery with Helm, Tekton, and ArgoCD


Held by Stakater

20 attendees

Webinar - Hashicorp Vault with OpenShift

Learn significance of securing sensitive data and how to seamlessly integrate Vault with your applications and ensure robust data protection


Held by Stakater

37 attendees

Container & Cloud-Native Roadshow

This event is a unique hands-on experience for building, deploying, and managing containerized cloud-native applications using industry-standard open source technologies.


Held by Stakater in association with RedHat.

20 attendees

Workshop - Tekton Pipelines 101

We'll learn about Tekton and the best practices to build pipelines with it


Held by Stakater in association with RedHat.

29 attendees

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