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RedHat Open Tour 2023

Red Hat is bringing a special event in collaboration with industry experts. Come join us in a lively conversation on DevOps methodologies, the exciting world of Kubernetes, Openshift, and more

September 13, 2023

8:30 - 17:00

Stockholm, Sweden

multi-tenant environments in OpenShift1.png

Meet Our Team

Rasheed Amir

Rasheed is the CEO of Stakater AB, a Kubernetes enablement company. Rasheed has been a Kubernetes and OpenShift aficionado in Stockholm since the early days of these technologies!


Quang Vu

Quang is a co-founder and head of partnerships at Stakater. Quang is passionate about constantly improving cloud technology and has deep expertise in developing scalable web systems


Karl Johan Grahn

Karl is the Engineering Manager at Stakater and leads teams across multiple products. He is passionate about delivering cutting-edge DevSecOps products and services with a focus on quality and automation.


Kent Löndahl

Kent is the head of consulting at Stakater. He is an experienced technology leader and has been an active player in the Sweden technology eco-system for a long time.

L&L session

Lunch & Learn Session

Curious about making OpenShift work for multiple tenants or teams?

Join Us

                         for an insightful conversation on setting up multi-tenant environments with OpenShift. We'll take you through our real-world experiences managing services on OpenShift.

OpenShift provides a solid foundation, but building multi-tenant setups comes with its share of challenges. We'll break down these challenges in simple terms and suggest practical solutions that have proven effective in our journey.

Learn how multi-tenancy can actually make your life easier.

At this session, Rasheed will talk about how it helps optimize resources and makes managing things smoother. We've got some interesting stories to share about how businesses have benefited from multi-tenancy.

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